Golden Face

Non Surgical Fat Reduction and
Skin Tightening

Lipo Dissolve Mesotherapy

(Breaking Down Fat Cells by PC/DC injections)

It destroys unwanted fat cells that cause a double chin and obscure a defined jawline.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Avoid for 1 week prior to injections

The Procedure

Kybella is FDA approved cosmetic injectable.The treatment consists of multiple injections into the desired target area (Neck, chin, submental). It is minimally painful, There can be some tenderness, swelling. The discomfort that may last one to two days. Usually the injections are made with a very small needle to the point where the discomfort is minimal and if the patient is anxious or concerned, we will usually apply a topical numbing cream to the skin before the procedure to increase comfort. I tell patients it usually takes four to eight treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. I also tell patients that it works in approximately 80 percent of the appropriately selected patients. Dr Baig tells most patients that after two treatments they should notice a difference. In the small percentage of patients who do not see results after two sessions, the treatment is discontinued. Treatment sessions are spaced out optimally at two-week intervals. A typical treatment strategy involves injections over two to three months to achieve the desired results.

Post Treatment Instruction

Immediately following the procedure, cold pack or ice should be applied to the area and may be applied as needed for redness or swelling for the first 48 hours

We would like you to stay in office for ½ hour post treatment to monitor for allergic reaction.

Hives are not uncommon and usually subside. Claritin or antihistamine of choice can be used to reduce.

You are encouraged to maintain normal activities and resume your exercise program the next day.

You should follow a low carbohydrate, high protein diet for 72 hours post treatment. Best results are obtained with high protein diet shakes five times a day and one low carbohydrate meal of vegetables such as a salad with dressing, steamed veggies and meat/fish/chicken which had been baked or broiled (no potato or bread or pasta).

Also drink 8 ten ounce servings of water. This will optimize your results.

Radio Frequency

( for skin tightening)

Energy is delivered to collagen layers to to stimulate new collagen formation and subsequent improvement in Skin Texture , Tone & Thickness.


RF therapy is a gradual process to tighten loose skin. Radiofrequency machine focuses the energy right where it is needed and thus requires lower energy to heat the skin, dermis and subcutaneous tissue improving treatment outcomes without discomfort. In general selected layers of skin and tissue are heated to above 40o C to induce remodeling of tissue structure resulting in skin tightening. Improvement can continue for four to six months after completion of treatments as the collagen and elastin renews. The majority of individuals have uncomplicated treatments and can return to regular activities, including exercise immediately after the session.

RF treatments are designed to tone and tighten skin. For Facial Treatments, typically 6 treatments may be required to see improvement. Treatments should be scheduled 7 -10 days apart but no longer than two weeks apart. The appointments last around 30 minutes. RF cannot completely remove loose skin.. A very small number do not respond to radio frequency treatments at all and some may require more than the recommended number of treatments to achieve satisfactory results. If results are not detected for facial treatments by the third or fourth visit then another service may be considered.

Realistic expectations (depending on severity of the condition) would be a 30% to 50% improvement in dimpling, skin laxity or body contour with a series of treatments and maintenance treatment every three to twelve months depending on the individual. Mild to moderate conditions respond better then advanced forms of loose skin. This is an estimate based on experience and the supporting medical literature. Results are very individual. Some people exceed expectations, and some people respond below expectations. Although good results are expected, with the focus on improvement and not perfection, every person is unique and it is impossible to guarantee. A healthy life style, avoiding ETOH & Smoking and regular facial exercises with proper skin care regimen ( SPF product, facial tightening creams) , regular exercises, hydration & maintaining a healthy weight will compliment this procedure and ensure long term results. Other options for skin tightening treatments include surgery. Medical-grade skin care can lead to a rejuvenated appearance..


Day of the procedure you may

Post Treatment

(for body shaping). Mild exercise (e.g. walking or light jogging, etc. ~ ¼ mile or more) is beneficial on same day after treatment (for body shaping).