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Franchise Taxes State of Delaware

For corporations using the Assumed Par Value Capital Method, the minimum franchise tax is $350 and the maximum tax is $200,000; however, for the 2018 tax year, the minimum will increase to $400. To pay your Delaware franchise tax online, visit the Delaware Department of State’s Division of Corporations website. Follow the prompts for filing […]

New changes to Xeros plans in Australia from July

(In contrast, accounting products from Sage or Zoho sync largely with other Sage or Zoho apps, not third-party solutions.) It’s hard to find a more convenient accounting solution than that. With Xero Expenses, which is included free with the Established plan, your scanned receipts sync with the accounting software in real time. You can assign […]

Account Reconciliation Software: What it is, how it works & best providers

QuickBooks’ account reconciliation module is designed to simplify the reconciliation process by automatically matching transactions and identifying discrepancies. With QuickBooks, you can reconcile your accounts quickly and accurately, without the need for complex manual processes. Workiva is a cloud-based software that offers a range of financial management tools, including an account reconciliation module. Workiva’s account […]

Depreciated Cost Definition, Calculation Formula

However, the economic usefulness of these assets declines over time. The table below illustrates the units-of-production depreciation schedule of the asset. If the vehicle were to be sold and the sales price exceeded the depreciated value (net book value) then the excess would be considered a gain and subject to depreciation recapture. In addition, […]

The 8 Best Platforms To Outsource Accounting In 2023

There are online/remote accounting firms, but based on their low reviews, we can’t recommend any of them in good conscience. Having a skilled eye on your finances at all times will give you peace of mind, as well as the ability to make well-informed financial decisions. Like with a controller, whether or not you’ll need […]